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What we look for in a Candidate

An adroit and creative workforce builds the worthy walls of an organization. We are looking for the young and enthusiastic individuals who can invigorate their fresh ideas into our company. You may get a transient hint about our human resources through this website. RIT solution appreciates the priceless talent and provides a suitable platform with the pronounced wages.

Rise on your capabilities and give a dazzling spark to your worthy talent. If you want to connect yourself with RIT family, fill up your details in the form given below. We are looking for aspirants who must possess following qualities:

  • Effective contribution towards problem solving strata.

  • Potent communication skills to deal with our clients and partners.

  • Ability to bring proliferate ideas onto executive’s desk.

  • Ability to perceive up-to-the-minute web technologies.

  • Active participation and endowment towards team work.

Opening positions

Developer’ is a person who is known for the extent of creativity of any organization. We are looking for the visionary web designers who must have the knowledge of recent trends in web technology advancements. To apply for this opening, fill up the form provided below and send us your updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) along with your work experience.

  • Creative approach to problem solving

  • Able to Identify trends in web design and development industry

  • Communicate effectively with both team members and clients

  • Passion for improving user experience by bringing new ideas to the table

  • Not to be afraid of expressing your ideas. Just be yourself.

We are urgently looking for a content writer. No degree is required. All we need is just a decent experience of writing content at digital media. To apply for this opening, reach us through the employment form given below. Don’t forget to share your resume. The aspirant must possess following qualities:

  • Proper knowledge of grammar and hand-on writing skills.

  • A good apprehension on Search Engine Optimization.

  • Prudent experience in writing effective contents.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

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